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Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between you and a therapist to help you better understand your feelings and behaviors and to guide you to make important changes in your life. Dr. Ritterspach tailors treatment to the individual and utilizes general cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical behavior (DBT) and acceptance and commitment (ACT) techniques.

Psychotherapy is proven to help with depression, anxiety, and other emotional and behavioral problems. With regard to depression and anxiety, it is just as effective as medication, while therapy plus medication is often more effective than therapy or medication alone. 

Dr. Ritterspach provides therapy services for adults and couples.

  • Individual and Couples Therapy services provided

  • Group therapy for anger [when there are sufficient referrals]

  • Dr. Ritterspach's areas of expertise are:

○ Depression

○ Mood Swings & Emotional Distress

○ Generalized Anxiety

○ Social Anxiety

○ Panic

○ Trauma

○ Anger and aggression

○ Relationship Problems

○ Stress

○ Low Self-Esteem & Shyness

○ Attention Problems

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